Wednesday 4 November 2020

More Autumn Photos

Not much time to post anything as we are now in Family Lockdown No. 2.  Every Monday evening my son John goes to an activity group run by Resources for Autism which he enjoys.  But a week ago they emailed to say that one of their staff who was at this group had been confirmed to have coronavirus, so everyone who had attended the group, including John,  needs to self-isolate for two weeks from that Monday, i.e. until Monday 9th November.  Since it's difficult to do any real isolation while John is at his usual Supported Living house with a whole team of staff coming and going, my wife and I have been looking after him back at our family house for the last week.

I have been able to get out for a walk now and then, so here are some pictures taken in and around Hadley Wood (the actual wood that is, not the suburb where the Porches have stickers saying "My other car is a Bentley" 😄) :

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